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Rongineer box for S14 conversion

Rongineer box for S14 conversion


The RONGINEER M3 Airbox Kit is an economical solution to improving performance by optimizing the air path to the engine when replacing the original restrictive airflow meter. It is compatible with popular engine management systems like the MAXX AN piggyback control and the Unichip Q. Enthusiasts who have installed the airbox kit have reported improved power on dyno tests.
The airbox is simple to install and has an "OEM" look. The original cold air intake system is retained and the original air filter element is used. The airbox and included hose provides an improved air path to the engine plenum. A bung is provided for an intake air temperature sensor on the cool side of the airbox without interfering with the barometric sensor.
• The installed airbox kit has an "OEM" look.
• The new airbox is a lightweight fiberglass molding finished in high temperature black wrinkle paint.
• The airbox mounting bracket uses the original mount in the car.
• The kit hose improves airflow by providing a larger constant diameter air path to the plenum.
• The bung provided for an intake air temperature sensor does not interfere with the OEM barometric sensor.
• The kit can be installed in about an hour.
• The complete kit includes all of the parts necessary to make the installation, including installation instructions.
• For purchase information contact Neil McDonald at Automac Ltd, 00844 288 6622 or info@automac.co.uk.
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