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Spax RSX Coilover kit E36 BMW

Spax RSX Coilover kit E36 BMW

Spax RSX Coilover kit E36 BMW
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E36 - non M3 coilover kit

BMW E36 6 cylinder Non M3 RSX544 £723.40 rrp + vat

Fully Adjustable SPAX
RSX ‘Krypton’ Suspension
Kit for BMW E36
Leading performance suspension specialists, SPAX, introduced
Krypton filled gas dampers in July 2004 and since then have been rereleasing
their most popular kits with Krypton Gas filled dampers.
Now it’s the turn of the BMW E36. The kit still contains height
adjustable and bounce and rebound adjustable front dampers,
damper-rate adjustable rear shock absorbers, uprated and lowered
front and rear springs and spring height adjusters for the rear... but
now the dampers are filled with high pressure Krypton gas to further
enhance their performance. Krypton is an inert gas that is almost
impossible to destabilise, even under the most extreme driving conditions,
providing absolute performance when you need it most.
Krypton’s thermo-dynamic properties also ensure that both the low
speed ride and the high speed performance are improved.
RSX Kits allow enthusiastic owners to get that much more out of their
car, both on the road and when pushed to the limit on track days.
Total On Car Adjustment!
The ride height is fully adjustable on the car with no dismantling.
Stiffness of the front and rear dampers is also adjustable on the car
with no dismantling for quick and precise tuning of the suspension settings.
The front ride height is adjustable between 30mm and 75mm. The
rear ride height is adjustable between 30mm and 65mm. The damping
stiffness has a range of 28 settings to cater for all types of driving on
road and track.
More Improvements!
To utilise Krypton, SPAX has redesigned the valving and further upgraded the seals, but in spite of all these improvements and
the fact that krypton costs around 150 times the cost of nitrogen (the usual choice of gas suspension manufacturers) SPAX have
kept their prices realistic
SPAX "Factory Direct" price structure via their dealer network ensures that you get unparalleled value
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