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1. Bilstein - why is it so good

1. Bilstein - why is it so good

1. Bilstein - why is it so good
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What really matters!

People lower their cars to achieve an aggressive look, dynamic handling and perfect road holding with optimum residual comfort. Accomplishing this calls for an exact definition of the ideal lowering height and shock absorber damping rates.

Technically, lowering a vehicle reduces its spring travel, modifies its aero-dynamics and changes its axle geometry. Reducing spring travel requires the reevaluation of spring and damping forces. Lowering a chassis causes greater stress on a vehicle, making the use of high-tech suspension components imperative.

BILSTEIN lowering and sports-tuned suspension systems are the ideal solution.

Sheer driving enjoyment!


Technology transfer from original equipment and motor sports.

BILSTEIN is synonymous with high quality and superior performance in suspension systems ...

BILSTEIN gas pressure technology.

All BILSTEIN suspension systems utilise powerful specialised gas pressure technology to prevent aeration of the oil column within the shock absorber ...

BILSTEIN monotube-technology.

BILSTEIN’s high performance monotube gas pressure shock absorbers are installed as standard equipment ...


BILSTEIN engineers ascertain the ideal lowering height for every vehicle application ...

Threaded body adjustable range.

Changing the height of the car with our threaded suspension kits ...

BILSTEIN-Round Threat.

The special BILSTEIN round thread is very easy to clean and has no sharp edges ...

Adjustment system..

By developing the B16 PSS9/PSS10 shock absorber series, the BILSTEIN engineers have created ...

It’s all about the setting.

You have to expect more than just high quality from BILSTEIN’s suspension components ...

Different types explained a bit more:

Bilstein mono-tube gas pressure shock absorbers are available in a wide variety of sizes and stiffness settings, depending
upon the vehicle type and use. All Bilstein shocks absorbers instantaneously self-adjust to changing road surfaces; in addition,
their performance does not gradually decline from age, use or heat, requiring no compensating manual adjustments as
with conventional multi-tube shocks. Shock stiffness settings are divided into five usage categories shown below.

For the performance-minded driver, Bilstein “Sport” shocks deliver absolute mastery of the road surface.
Designed to push a car’s suspension to it’s performance peak, these shocks are well suited for use with special springs, antisway
bars or other suspension upgrades.

For most vehicles including full-size sedans, SUVs and trucks. These shocks provide improved handling and stability without
sacrificing ride comfort. They offer super damping ability that makes them ideal for heavy hauling for occasional off-road use,
while maintaining an exceptional “street” ride.

For the driver who wants maximum ride comfort, with the virtual elimination of “bottoming out” and vehicle sway.
These shocks generally maintain and, in many cases, enhance a vehicle’s original ride qualities while increasing
road-handling and overall stability.

For specific manufactured lift kits utilizing the stock OEM mounting configuration.
Self-adjusting deflective disc valving, Independent rebound and compression with superior control for larger diameter tires.

For rigorous demands of driving competition. Their success should be measured by the unprecedented levels of acceptance
and use by professional drivers in virtually all major Motorsports.
Include such features as spherical bearings, adjustable spring seats longer or shorter than standard dimensions. *Not suited
for street use.


Bilstein Touring Class original equipment replacement twin tube gas pressure shocks and struts feature the same German engineering
and quality as the world famous Bilstein Monotube Gas Pressure Shocks in a new competitively priced twin-tube design.

Bilstein has developed the ultimate automotive performance suspension systems. To insure maximum performance, these
systems utilize superior Bilstein mono-tube gas shocks, featuring the largest available piston diameter for greater sensitivity
and precise control, patented digressive piston head design, and deflective disc valving that instantly reacts to changing road
input. From street performance to competition ready, these suspension systems are available in three levels:

BTS – BILSTEIN TUNED SUSPENSION, is a high performance system with sport tuned mono-tube gas shocks and matched
lowering springs. The system includes 4 coil springs with performance directed spring rate and patented mono-tube gas pressure
shock absorbers.

PSS - PERFORMANCE SUSPENSION SYSTEM, is an ultra high performance ride height adjustable suspension system featuring
performance valved mono-tube gas shocks. The system includes coil-over and standard mono-tube gas shocks with
performance level valving along with application specific rate coil springs.

PSS9 – PERFORMANCE SUSPENSION SYSTEM WITH 9 DAMPING ADJUSTMENTS, is the “race inspired” fully adjustable
ride height system featuring mono-tube gas shock absorbers with nine precise damping adjustments. The system includes
adjustable mono-tube gas shock absorbers with nine precise compression and rebound settings from comfort to competition,
front and rear application specific, progressive rate springs allow accurate adjustment of vehicle ride height and center of gravity
for the level of performance you seek.
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