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WITH SOME OF THE BEST SUSPENSION TALENT IN THE INDUSTRY, WE HAVE BEEN DESIGNING, MANUFACTURING IN-HOUSE (NOT JUST SOURCING IMPORTS / RE-LABELING), ALLOWING TOTAL CONTROL OVER QUALITY AND RAPID / CONSTANT DESIGN IMPROVEMENTS. IT’S NO WONDER ALL THE MAJOR INNOVATIVE DESIGN BREAKTHROUGHS HAVE BEEN DEVELOPED BY K-MAC. IN ALL OUT-COMPETITION RACING RESULTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES….SITUATIONS WHERE RACE SAFETY SCRUTINEERS – TESTING AND EVALUATING RULE (FOR STRENGTH AND RELIABILITY) THAT ONLY K-MAC ADJUSTER KITS ARE ALLOWED TO BE USED. *SEE BELOW, THE “6” BASIC VEHICLE SUSPENSIONS AND THE K-MAC INNOVATIVE PATENTED DESIGN BREAKTHROUGHS THAT HAVE SET NEW STANDARDS FOR STRENGTH, RANGE / EASE OF ADJUSTMENT AND INSTALLATION. Virtually all of todays autos – even the most exotic makes BMW ‘M’ series, Mercedes AMG / Black series, Porsche 991 Turbo (because of cost cutting and the ever increasing speed of OEM assembly lines) only have “Toe” in / “Toe” out (directional) adjustment. Trying to resolve costly, premature edge tire wear by excess adjustment only alters wear position and actually increases overall wear rate…. “Camber” adjustment is essential to be able to change TIRE CONTACT ANGLE/improve traction. Along with “Caster” to correctly resolve steering pull, increase steering response, better turn in and reduce dive/lift on brake and acceleration and improve steering response. . BESIDE ADJUSTING TOE – the only other suggested procedure is to wear down the other edge by rotating tires!. . WE SAW THE NEED THEREFORE to reinstate “FULL FRONT AND REAR ALIGNMENT” … TO MEAN WHAT IT SAYS (fixing it right the 1st time). . NO MORE REPEATED, ongoing trips to dealers, alignment shops or constantly changing tire brands. CAMBER – Essential to change “tire contact angle”. A proper solution to allow more even tire wear and traction. CASTER – Correctly resolving steering pull, improving hi-speed directional control, steering response and reducing dive / lift under brake and acceleration. “STRUT” ADJUSTERS – Fast/Precise from engine bay. “BUSH” ADJUSTERS – Fast/Precise (single wrench) at same time replacing highest-wearing bushings. . BOTH DESIGNS ALLOW ADJUSTMENT accurately (under load) direct on alignment rack WITH ONGOING ADJUSTMENT CAPABILITY . ALL K-MAC KITS are supplied with instructions and bush extraction / insertion tubes where required. “ONGOING” ADJUSTMENT CAPABILITY FOR VARYING INDIVIDUAL DRIVING CONDITIONS OWNERS CAN EXPERIENCE IN DAY TO DAY COMMUTING…. Altered height through load carrying or lowering, high cambered roads, fitting wide profile tires/wheels, high mileage/worn bushings or curb knock damage. Adjusting for performance driving / reducing understeer on Race days – allowing to go deeper into the corners with increased traction and braking response. K-MAC kits are all bolt-on, no modifications required. Both the front replacement top strut mounts and bushing kits are precisely Camber and Caster adjustable. Bushings have twice the load bearing area of the OEM and at the same time replace the highest-wearing bushes. Also importantly they are 2-axis / mono ball design without the OEM oil and air voids resulting in improved braking and steering response. Most “aftermarket” bushes only delete the air voids – which can prevent today’s vehicles’ multi link / angled suspension arms traveling through their required arcs, causing undue harshness, binding / locking up and lead to “even more” wheel hop / loss of traction. FOR REAR SUSPENSION ANOTHER ALTERNATIVE AVAILABLE is adjustable Camber arms. We do not manufacture these, as they replace the top, not bottom arms. They are difficult to access, adjust and to resolve premature inner edge tire wear need to move the top of tire outwards, reducing the all-important clearance to outer fender. While the K-MAC design is easily accessible (precise single wrench adjustment) and adjusted accurately (under load) direct on the alignment rack. Also with K-MAC “extra Toe” adjustment is included to compensate for this new Camber facility.
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